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Botox 100IU Non-English by Allergan

Botox 100IU Non-English is a botulinum type A product. It is a substance injected into the skin to paralyze muscles, make them relaxed, and prevent wrinkles from developing or worsening. Botox is derived from naturally occurring poison – a bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which also can occasionally be found at dangerous levels in poisoned meat products. High levels of this substance paralyze and may even kill. Botox 100IU (Non-English) is produced by Allergan – a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry.

Allergan’s work is focused on four key therapeutic areas:

  • medical aesthetics,
  • eye care,
  • the central nervous system,
  • and gastroenterology.

The best-seller and the most famous product the company produce is Botox, of course. It has undergone multiple testings, and after a set of researches, Botox demonstrates amazing results.

What are Botox 100 units Used for?

Allergan Botox 100IU Non-English injections are now the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, and you definitely know at least one celebrity who regularly uses Botox as youth-keeping injections. It is often used in order to treat neck pain with cervical dystonia or some symptoms of underarm increased sweating. Botox also may help to cope with overactive bladder symptoms, headaches with chronic migraine, spasm of eyelids, and some problems with eye muscles. Sometimes doctors use it to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Be attentive – this product may be used only for patients older than 18 years old.

As all existing remedies, Botox has a set of contraindications. You can’t use Botox 100IU Non-English if you have allergic reactions to any botulinum type A product or to any of its ingredients. Botox injections are also abandoned under the circumstances of suffering from skin infection or having skin wounds on the area for planned injection. There’s a possibility of appearing side effects after a few hours or even a week. If the patient observes one of the following symptoms, he/she must consult the doctor:

  • Vision problems;
  • General muscle weakness;
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea.

The expiration period of the drug is approximately thirty-six months, and it should be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8°C. This is very beneficial for the doctors, who want to save some money and buy Botox 100IU Non-English at a low price. Wholesale options are just for you!

Please note that the Botox vial may appear to be empty prior to reconstitution because it contains a small amount of vacuum-dried Botox powder that looks like clear crystals.

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