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Botox 100u Indonesian – a brand of an injectable prescription medicine based on botulinum toxin type A by Allergan manufacturer. A neurotoxin from clostridium botulinum bacteria in its composition is safe for patients in small quantities and may solve various health troubles. It is wildly used not only in the sphere of aesthetic medicine but also for medical purposes.

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Indications for botulinum toxin products

With the help of Botox 100 units, it is possible to deal with various age-related problems in people. By using this product, you can improve the appearance and get rejuvenating results in the following areas:

  • Crow’s feet;
  • Marionette lines;
  • The area around the eyes (mimic wrinkles around them);
  • Severe frown lines between the eyebrows.

Even though botulinum is considered to be highly effective in eliminating skin imperfections, it is the most effective in preventing signs of aging in patients.

In the medical field, Botox is applied to deal with these problems:

  • Deals with chronic migraine and prevent headaches;
  • Neck pain in cervical dystonia;
  • Gets rid of overactive bladder symptoms;
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Cerebral palsy (in children).

Working principle

The Botox injection helps to relax facial muscles in those who use it for treatment. In this way, muscle contractions that cause the appearance of wrinkles stop, and younger looks stay for a long time. After the first procedure, doctors recommend a supporting injection every 6-9 months in order for results to remain.

The medication starts working immediately after administration; however, the effect becomes more visible after the day or two after the treatment. It is the most noticeable in 5-6 weeks after the injection. The results disappear approximately 12 weeks after the procedure (during this period of time, nerves endings regrow and start the contractions again).

How to store Botox 100u?

Every vial with unopened Botox has to be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature from 2° to 8°C. If the doctor is going to use the medication, they should make sure it is of room temperature. This way, the administration will be much more comfortable.

Please note that the Botox vial may appear to be empty prior to reconstitution because it contains a small amount of vacuum-dried Botox powder that looks like clear crystals.

Before using, Sodium Chloride should be added to the powder to make the solution. Reconstituted Botox should be used within 24 hours; if not – it has to be thrown away. Do not inject the remedy after the expiration date indicated on the box.

Possible side effects

As with every medication in aesthetic medicine procedures, Botox may cause several side effects. They are not dangerous for the patient and should disappear within a few days after the treatment:

  • Injection site reactions (an allergic reaction, rash, redness, itching, swelling, bruising in the places where the remedy was administered);
  • General muscle weakness (it may last up to a week and usually common for the areas close to the treated zone). This symptom includes ptosis of the eyelids, lip numbness, insignificant asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, articulation troubles, etc. People also call this symptom a “frozen face effect,” but it is not dangerous and can disappear by itself;
  • Slight vision problems;
  • Dizziness;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Upper respiratory tract infections and rhinitis.

If the patient starts feeling serious discomfort, the symptoms are not gone within a week, or there are some severe reactions (like trouble breathing or swallowing), they should contact the doctor immediately in order to get medical advice, consultation, or treatment.


People with the following issues cannot use botulinum toxin-based products:

  • Allergies or hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin type A or any other Botox ingredients;
  • Skin infection or skin damage in the treated area;
  • Lambert-Eaton syndrome;
  • High grade of myopia proved by the eye doctor;
  • Ptosis of facial tissues;
  • Expressed hernia of the upper or lower eyelids;
  • Alcoholism;

Note that the procedure can’t be conducted if the patient is currently taking antibiotics, aminoglycosides, or macrolides. It may influence the results and affect health conditions after the medication. The client should be older than 18 years to get the Botox injection.

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