Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension 360 C19100-C-19G (100mm/140mm)


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Strength-Pack Size: 20 threads

Manufacturer: MECOBI Co., Ltd.

More information about Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension 360 C19100-C-19G

MECOBI Co., Ltd., a producer of cosmetic threads Intraline that currently has three basic lines: Spiral, Mono, and Cog Dimension, has elaborated an innovative non-invasive method to tighten sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles in various facial areas.

Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension were elaborated for the max effect and max skin hold, suitable for more mature skin. The procedure with using these cosmetic threads helps to achieve an almost immediate visible result when the contours of the facelift, skin relief evens, wrinkles, and folds disappear. The results can be fully estimated after a few days when possible side effects (swelling and redness) disappear, leaving perfectly smooth and beautiful skin.

One more benefit of Intraline Cog Dimension 360 threads is that they induce the processes of collagen and elastin production in the skin tissues, boosting inner rejuvenation. The outcome of the procedure may last up to 24 months.

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Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension 360 C19100-C-19G (100mm/140mm)