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Primary Characteristics of the Dermal Filler

Perfectha is manufactured and distributed by the French company Laboratory ObvieLine; active substance of the filler – hyaluronic acid (strength – 20 mg/ml). Along with other injectables from this brand (Perfectha Subskin, Deep, etc.), this product is able to provide an incredible rejuvenation effect and get rid of all skin depressions that affect one’s self-esteem.

What should every person know about this hyaluronic acid gel? First of all, it’s meant for subcutaneous injection into the medium dermis; by administering it with a thin needle, a doctor can fill in medium facial lines perfectly and restore lost volume in the areas that require it the most. Next, HA used in the composition of the injectable is improved with the help of E-brid technology, which allows Perfectha to last longer, improve skin texture and tone, and spread out under the skin more smoothly. And don’t forget about viscosity and density, which allows using this product not only for wrinkles reduction but also for lip contouring and shaping.

In order to use Perfectha fillers, you need to be a licensed medical professional; keep it in mind. If amateurs try to inject this filler to somebody, it may lead to dangerous consequences and health complications. The treatment should be performed according to a procedure protocol in a clinic; otherwise, severe adverse reactions will be unavoidable.

Ways of Usage and Target Areas

Because of the product’s high density, it can be used to fill skin depressions of medium complexity; sometimes, the product may be quite effective even for deep creases reduction. Overall, it can be suitable for the following purposes:

  • Treating medium wrinkles in the middle dermis (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.);
  • Facial contouring, chin augmentation, and nose bridge correction;
  • Lip enhancement and contouring;
  • Lost volume restoration in facial tissues;
  • And so on.

If the treatment is performed correctly, the results may last up to twelve months. Of course, it mainly depends on certain individual factors, such as age, skin condition, wrinkles depth, health condition, and others.

Limitations You Should Be Aware of

Even though Perfectha Derm is a safe filler option suitable for patients with different needs and aesthetic goals, it still includes certain limitations that should be considered before using this injectable for one’s treatment. Here they are:

  • High sensitivity to any filler’s components;
  • Irritations, damage, or inflammation in the target area;
  • Blood-clotting conditions;
  • Acute stages of certain chronic diseases (for example, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, and so on);
  • General poor health condition (flu-like symptoms, weakness, fever, etc.);
  • Recent cosmetic treatments performed on the target area (e.g., chemical peels);
  • Age less than 18;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding period in women.

There are plenty of dermal filler types and brands, so it is possible to pick an alternative if Perfectha Derm is not the right product for one’s needs. That’s also it’s so important to talk with a medical professional before the procedure and discuss all the health and body peculiarities of an individual; that’s the only way to make sure the injectable is safe for a person.

Possible Post-Treatment Adverse Reactions

When using dermal fillers for deep wrinkles, it is important to be ready for side effects to take care of one’s needs. In this way, it will be possible to pick the right aftercare scheme and notice immediately if something feels wrong during the recovery. So, what are the most common adverse reactions people should prepare for:

  • Irritations in the target area (swelling, redness, bruising, etc.);
  • Increased skin sensitivity in the administration spot and those close to it;
  • Bruising in the needle puncture zone;
  • And others.

All those negative symptoms shouldn’t stay for a long time; a few days are usually more than enough for all of those to disappear. However, it is still crucial to pay attention to one’s well-being and inform a specialist as soon as any severe side effects are noticed:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Swollen throat or tongue;
  • Bleeding;
  • Painful sensation in the treated spot;
  • Filler migration;
  • And so on.

If a medical professional is informed about those issues on time, it is much easier to take them under control and guarantee fast, non-problematic recovery for a patient.

Helpful Aftercare Tips to Use at Home

If you have sensitive skin a need some recommendations on how to reduce swelling and other adverse reactions after the treatment, here are a few of the most helpful and effective tricks and tips you can use at home:

  • Don’t rub the area of injection because it may lead to the filler migration under the skin;
  • Apply ice to get rid of swelling (the correct way to do it is to wrap ice cubes into the cloth before pressing them gently to the target spot; you don’t want to press ice cubes directly into the skin);
  • Avoid overheated places for some time to let all irritations fade away (it includes hot tubs, showers, steam rooms, etc.);
  • Always use sunscreen before going out to avoid direct UV rays (this recommendation can be applied to all people out there);
  • Avoid sleeping with your face down (if it’s a habit of yours, we recommend buying a special pillow that fixes your head in one position);
  • Don’t exercise for a few days to reduce the chances of redness, swelling, and other adverse reactions getting worse.

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