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Introducing you to Revolax Fine – a reticulated hyaluronic acid gel with a 24mg/ml HA concentration. This product belongs to the FoxPharma manufacturer, and it’s well-known in the cosmetic beauty sphere for its excellent ability to instantly erase superficial wrinkles and target fine lines.

This injectable is the most lightweight option in the range, so it works perfectly even for people with minor aging flaws on the facial surface. Another vital component of this solution is 0.3% lidocaine, making Revolax suitable even for individuals with low pain tolerance. Just keep in mind that the product, as well as its components, must be mentioned in advance in case a person is allergic to any of them. In this case, it’s always possible to discuss the alternatives.

This aesthetic filler instantly integrates within the skin structure, making the improvement noticeable almost immediately after the injection session. As for the results, the average longevity of Revolax Fine is eight to twelve months, and the effects can be easily prolonged with a simple follow-up appointment performed every year. A specialist can create a schedule after the consultation in the doctor’s office.

Issues to Target with the Injectable

Revolax Fine is considered a perfect option for those first experiencing aging signs. Hyaluronic acid molecules settle perfectly in the skin tissues, making the appearance more youthful and glowing. It plumps up the treated zone, restores lost volume, and improves dermis tone and texture, so even those with minor aging signs can notice a significant skin boost after the session.

Revolax filler targets fine lines, but that’s not the only purpose of this product. Usually, specialists choose it for the following aesthetic goals:

  • Effectively treating fine lines, like nasolabial folds and marionette lines;
  • Smoothing out crow’s feet and forehead lines;
  • Eliminating perioral lines;
  • Hydrating dry skin;
  • Correcting facial asymmetry;
  • Neck wrinkles reduction;
  • And so on.

Each area requires a different amount of dermal filler, so a medical professional must calculate the best dosage for the treatment. Typically, one syringe is enough to provide the desired effect and enhance the appearance properly.

Once the injection session is over, patients may experience certain adverse reactions. The best way to prevent complications is to follow aftercare recommendations common for all dermal fillers and inform a medical professional if anything feels odd during the recovery.

Safety Information

Adverse Reactions

Revolax dermal filler injection procedure is a safe process if performed by an experienced medical practitioner. Still, there are some side effects typical for this treatment, and it’s important to be aware of those to know exactly what to do if any of them occur.

Most patients experience local topical irritations, such as redness, swelling, and bruising, which are the most common for individuals. As Revolax is an injectable gel, the body needs time to get used to its presence under the skin, so it may react this way to signal something feels odd. On top of that, the treatment involves needles, which leave tiny punctures in the skin, and the chances of bruising are quite high. However, these are typically gone within a few hours (or days) after the procedure.

As for more severe adverse reactions, there are a few that must be informed to a specialist as soon as they are noticed. Remember signs of allergic reactions, swollen throat and tongue, painful sensations in the injection spot, irregular heartbeat, breathing complications, and other unfortunate symptoms. By calling a doctor on time, preventing these from transforming into something more severe is easier. Explain it to the patients in advance so they understand the procedure protocol clearly.


Revolax Fine for superficial lines cannot be used for patients with the following conditions:

  • Know allergies to the filler’s ingredients;
  • Skin irritation or wound in the target area;
  • Hypertrophic scarring tendency;
  • Recently performed cosmetic procedure in the target spot (for example, chemical peelings);
  • Autoimmune disorders or severe forms of chronic illnesses;
  • General poor health statement (flu-like symptoms, weakness, headache, etc.).

Please remember that pregnant or breastfeeding patients should discuss safety rules and risks of a dermal filler in advance, as it’s unknown how Revolax affects a fetus or baby. Most medical professionals recommend postponing cosmetic treatments for later to ensure there won’t be any complications once the appointment is finished. Meanwhile, safer alternatives for aging-signs prevention can be used; once breastfeeding is over, patients can book an appointment and use Revolax Fine for their aesthetic goals.

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Revolax Fine with Lidocaine