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Revolax Sub-Q is one of the densest Revolax fillers available on our website. Its active substance is hyaluronic acid – a natural substance optimized with a unique cross-linking technology for a more prolonged effect and natural-looking results. The concentration of HA is 24mg/ml, so the average longevity patients can expect is up to 18 months. As a bonus, lidocaine in the ingredients list guarantees a painless and comfortable experience; however, this nuance must be discussed with a patient in advance because lidocaine allergy is common. Still, some alternatives can be used instead of lidocaine-containing dermal fillers, so it’s better to discuss those in advance.

Lidocaine Revolax Sub-Q, just like Revolax Deep, is an excellent option for contouring and facial features definition. It settles well in the human skin tissue, rarely irritates it, and provides immediate results after just one appointment.

FillerSupplies only works with board-certified professionals. To place your order here, you must be an experienced specialist with proper education. If you want to buy Revolax Sub-Q to use it in your clinic, contact our managers to receive all the essential details on this topic. 

What Is Revolax Sub-Q Used for?

Revolax Sub-Q gel is meant to be administered into the deep subcutaneous layer of the skin to enhance volume, improve features, and generally boost the appearance. It’s a little denser than Recolax Deep and thus works well for the following purposes:

  • Enhances facial hollowness in cheeks, chin, and temples;
  • Facial contouring to correct facial asymmetry and make features more prominent;
  • Removing extremely severe wrinkles (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.);
  • And so on.

Hyaluronic acid molecules are also perfect for skin hydration, tone, and texture improvement. As a bonus, HA naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production, so positive changes remain noticeable even after the filler wears off.

Creating a proper schedule according to the patient’s needs is highly recommended to ensure the results are properly supported. An appointment in the doctor’s office yearly should be enough to help people forget about the aging signs and maintain their youthful appearance.

Essential Safety Information

Side Effects

Revolax Sub-Q is among the denser dermal fillers for skin rejuvenation. And even though its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which settles in the body pretty well, some individuals still experience discomfort and irritations after the injection session. The nature of the cosmetic procedure can easily explain it: Revolax is an unknown solution, and the body needs time to recognize it as safe after the treatment. On top of that, the infusion is done with the needle, and it leaves punctures on the skin surface, leading to bruising, swelling, and redness. In general, patients need a few hours to a few days to recover completely after the session and for all topical irritations to fade away.

There are slight chances of more severe adverse reactions after using Revolax, and a doctor must warn patients about those in advance to ensure they know how to act if any of those occur. The best way to be safe and avoid complications is by contacting a specialist as soon as severe symptoms are noticed after the session. Keep in mind the following issues: allergic reactions, swollen throat and tongue, trouble breathing, loss of consciousness, unusual heart rate, dizziness and fainting, painful sensations in the treated spot, and others.


Before using Revolax Sub-Q dermal filler, a specialist must determine whether it’s safe for a patient. This product isn’t suitable for an individual if they match at least one of these issues:

  • Known allergies to the filler’s components;
  • Skin damage or irritation in the target area;
  • Hypertrophic scars creation tendency;
  • Severe forms of autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses;
  • Headache, fever, muscle pain, and other flu-like symptoms.

Pregnant and breastfeeding patients should discuss treatment protocols individually, as waiting until the nursing period is completed is recommended to provide a safe experience. It’s not entirely known how Revolax and other dermal fillers for severe wrinkles affect a fetus or a baby, so it’s a better idea to wait and replace clinical procedures with home-based skincare for some time to ensure nothing threatens a child.

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Revolax Sub-Q with Lidocaine